Playa Larga Hotel
Hotel is located one km from Buenaventura village, in the Montemar Natural Park.
Playa Larga is an ideal place for: bird watching, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

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    Playa Giron Hotel
Hotel is located on the Bay of Pigs, in the Montemar Natural Park. Hotel has International Scuba Diving Center, and sea fishing facilities.
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    Hotel Villa Guama
Hotel is located at the Zapata Biosphere Reserve at Laguna del Tesoro. An attractive unique architecture, is a reproduction of the houses built by the aboriginal Cubans. Near the Crocodile park and Birds watch area.
Motor boats, motor launches can be rented here.

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Bay of Pigs Museum, which gathers details of the defense against the armed invasion varied out in Cuba by mercenary troops in 1961

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 Montemar Great Natural Park, is located in the Cienaga de Zapata around "Bay of
 Pigs", in Matanzas province. It's the largest and most important wetland in the
 Caribbean. Sixteen species of reptiles, inhabit the area specimens are the Cuban
 and American crocodiles. Mammals are also represented in park: several hutia
 species, wild boars and deers.

 Zapata National Park Bay of Pigs is a wonderful place for bird watching, an exotic  Caribbean location make Zapata one of the best places in the world for bird watching.

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 Ponds and lagoons are home to two aquatic vertebrates now in extinction, the
 manatee and the Cuban alligator gar an ancient fish that can only be found in this
 region. The park main attraction is system of caves, that extends along the coast
 about 70 km is also an excellent place for hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Cuban Crocodile

Hummingbird Cuba has a total of 350 different species of birds that are indigenous to Cuba, the smallest bird in the world is native Cuban Bee Hummingbird.

Main Birds Watching regions are:
The primary location is Peninsula de Guanahacabibes west end of
Pinar del Rio and Zapata National Park at the south coast.
Also Sierra Masetra National Park is excellent spot for birds watching.

 Treasure Lagoon, with a depth of 10 m and almost 16 km wide, is the largest in Cuba
 a very popular tourist site in the Zapata Peninsula.  Scuba Diving Centers
 Preservation and care of its environment during almost four decades, with scarce
 presence of population settlements, allowed the ecosystem to stay almost untouched.

 The Treasure Lagoon is considered the largest reserve of humid soil in the Caribbean,
 with outstanding places like the Salt Mines of Brito. "La Boca" the largest crocodile farm
 in Latin America. Boat rides are appropriate for traveling to the Guama tourism center,
 habitat of two endangered species of aquatic vertebrates: Manatee and Manjuari.

Crocodiles farm
     Crocodiles farm       Crocodile       Manatee fish        Playa Larga, beach       Montemar Great Natural Park
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