Vinales, Pinar del Rio
The famous Vinales Valley is outstanding as a symbol among the natural blessing bestowed upon Pinar del Rio region. Since 1999 it has held the prestigious title of a UNESCO World Cultural Landscape and many believe that it is one of Cuba's emblematic landscapes.
The Valley is situated in the Sierra de los Organos and is surrounded by impressive hills with rounded summits known as haystack mountain.

Vinales green rock
Indian's Cave


There is a popular tale that say if a drop of fresh water falls on the visitor's nose on entering this cave they will always have good luck. They should then test the proverb and navigate the waters of this underground river to discover the unusual and decorative forms the stalactites and stalagmites have acquired over time.

There is a profile of an Indian chief smoking a pipe, the head of a crocodile, a bottle of champagne. It is an undeniable exciting experience to journey through an underground cave that passes through the interior of some of the haystack mountains.

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Vinales offers numbers of a clean, stylish, small hotels located across province Pinar del Rio lies in the heart of Sierra del Rosario.
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Few landscapes in Cuba are naturally as beautiful as Vinales, province of Pinar del Rio. Two of the six World Biosphere Reserves in Cuba are located in this land of natural blessings. One is in the Sierra del Rosario and the other is in the Sierra de Guanahacabibes. The region is rich in unique features such as Valley Mountains, ancient haystack mountains, archaeological enclaves of undeniable archaeological interest and carsic plains.

The mix of carsic mountain and geological formations that constitute the haystack mountains in the Vinales Valley combine to make truly wonderful scenery. Vinales Valley offers many attractions. Just as on the painter's canvass, this site brings together the the polychromy of tobacco plantations, fields of crops, and exclusive flora and fauna of unequalled beauty. Even art has been unable to remain indifferent in the face of the overwhelming charms of this site; this landscape has been a continuous source of inspiration for both fine art and literature.

Vinales village house

Cayo Levisa and Cavo lutias, with more than 3 km and 7 km of beach respectively, are ideal places in which to encounter what is sought after. They are surrounded by warm, clean calm waters which are reminiscent of the way it must have been at the beginning of time.
The keys also have outstanding coral reefs which are excellent for diving, snorkeling and boating excursions, diving center. A tour of their coastline gives the visitor a feeling of absolute tranquility while introducing them to a previous unknown and unspoilt beauty, impossible to compare. Many are the attractions that these islets have to offer, such as the trigonia, considered to be the oldest living fossil within Cuba.

Guanahacabibes National Park
Located on the peninsula to western-most point of the province, it is separated from the rest of the territory by an isthmus where there are plains of white sand and the largest wetland area in Cuba. The original vegetation is conserved in this park and there is a rich variety of aquatic bird life, mollusks and reptiles. In a relatively small area there are more than a hundred lakes and the purest of silica sand deposits, the largest of their kind in the country.
The extensive pine groves are indigenous to the region and the herbaceous stratum is the habitat for the riches fauna typical of these ecosystems.

Guanahacabibes is a lowland plain abundant in underground caverns, such as the Cueva de la Barca "Cave of the Boat", rich in bio-speleogical elements. There are evergreen forests, including mangroves, beaches with swampland vegetation, coastal cliffs and sandy coasts with sea grape vegetation, as well as fringes of mastic trees and small palms. There is also a large number of birds, butterflies, molluscs and insectivorous plants in this reserve.

Vinales Valley
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