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Festival del Habano Cigars

Festival del Habano Cigar will be held in Havana, Cuba
from February 26th to March 2nd, 2019, its 21th Edition.

The Habanos Festival, the most prestigious event dedicated to Premium Cigars will be held in La Habana.

Havana will be the venue of the largest international gathering of enthusiasts of the best cigar in the world. Habano Cigars to be celebrated in the Gala Dinner of the 2019 Habanos Festival.

• Visits to Habanos tobacco plantations in Vuelta Abajo
• Visits to emblematic Habanos factories
• Habanos Commercial Fair
• International Habanosommelier Contest

The opening event will take place in February.
Welcome evening at Club Habana, which includes an exclusive concert of Cuban artists.

The Nominations to the Habanos Award of the Year will also be announced, there will be a Welcome Cocktail dedicated to the Cohiba cigars
The best soil for this crop is located in western Pinar del Rio province - especially in Vueltabajo, which is considered the region of the world's best tobacco.

If you are into Habanos, you have got to be in Havana.

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Jazz Cafe According to legends, when Admiral Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba in 1492, he sent two of his best men with introduction letters from the Catholic King and Queen of Spain to the Emperor of China, since he thought they had arrived in that Asian country.
For Rodrigo de Xerez and Luis de Torres, the two men sent by Columbus, reality was completely different when they met with aborigines holding rolls of leaves between their lips.

The natives lighted one of the ends of the roll and absorbed the smoke from the other end. That way, unintentionally, Columbus discovered one of Cuba's biggest treasures, and even some of his companions, including Xerez, became aficionados to these aromatic leaves, so the words "tobacco" and "cigar" were incorporated into the vocabulary of the inhabitants of the old continent.

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